Broad City Summer

Untitled-2Even before finding an internship or a place to live, I confidently told everyone around me for months that I was going to spend my summer working in New York. When I finally did find a job and — eventually — an apartment, everyone advised me not to go, saying that I wasn’t ready or that the experience would undoubtedly overwhelm me.

Now here I am, sitting at work two days before I fly back home, and I can say that the whole experience has been manageably overwhelming. The transition from sitting at home, working 3 hours a day, and making art (basically bumming around) to working 10-6 in an office environment and living on my own in New York was not a smooth one, but I somehow managed to find a balance. This is due in large part to the office I worked in; not only did I work in a beautifully sunny studio with welcoming people, but also the idea and the lifestyle that the company was trying to sell was this idea of a balanced woman — the idea that your balanced lifestyle can and should be your career.

There are two things I won’t miss, though:

  1. The elevator jam in the morning, and
  2. Cockroaches that don’t respect you enough to stay out of sight.

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