Why even strong ladies have trouble saying no sometimes.

I’M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS VIDEO. Consider this video the pilot. It’s definitely not perfect, but I’m learning ya know. Let me know what you think. We can continue this conversation here.

Meet Bronwyn! We’ve been good friends since we met our first semester of college. We sat down (w/ a bottle of cheap wine, obvi) and talked about all the times we’ve ended up feeling uncomfortable/pressured in boys’ cars and why we felt uncomfortable saying no or asking them to drive us home. It didn’t seem to matter that we both knew that the way men often speak to us in those situations is a form of emotional manipulation, that their words are intentionally employed to make our emotions feel invalid and to try to get their way.

I’m filming more of these!!!!!!!!!!! My hope is that you can relate to this video and that you can continue this conversation with the strong/cool/uplifting ladies in your life.

Shout out to my dog (the black blob) who is the star of this video.





One thought on “Why even strong ladies have trouble saying no sometimes.

  1. Hey, love

    I can fully relate to the idea of not wanting to be “that girl” who thinks the worst of each situation but it’s difficult not to when you’ve heard horror stories from friends and on the news. I found myself nodding along to your entire conversation and when Bronwyn (hi Bronwyn) mentioned that the only difference between a fun night out is your gut feeling, I found myself angry that we can never let our guards down and that we have no defense over our actions if nothing actually goes wrong.



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