THRIVE is the word of the Trump presidency 🌷

This sucks and is so scary and I’ve cried multiple times today. Last night was terrifying, and a huge wake-up call to say the least.

Now is not the time to move to Canada. Now is the time to get more involved and more invested in the politics of this country. Now is the time to stand together and hold each other up.

Yesterday was proof that white Americans, and especially white men, will do anything and overlook almost everything to stay in power. And I think a lot of Americans (esp. young Americans like me) are really really scared today, as we should be because like, a Republican House and Senate, Trump appointing at least 1 Supreme Court judge, prison stocks jumping after the election, potential deportations… etc. etc. There’s a lot to be scared about. I know it feels like the end of the world, but I am faithful that we will still thrive.

Today I was talking to a friend who told me that yesterday was especially hard because many of us who are younger only really remember 2 Obama elections and presidencies. But many of our parents and older Americans remember many, many bad presidents and they have all lived and thrived through them. And my parents lived and thrived through the last Korean dictator who literally changed the laws so that he could stay in office for longer. But other than that, there’s still some stuff to remember.

Let’s not forget that Donald Trump is a celebrity. Celebrities really only care about being on top. There was speculation even before Election Day that Trump didn’t want to be president, but that he only wants to boost his name and brand. The guy is a celebrity and a billionaire who wants more money and more fame. The man can’t even run his own Twitter account, and he therefore cannot run this country. I am pretty confident that he will sit around the Oval Office and not get anything done. Of course this doesn’t mean that the Republicans in the Senate and House won’t get to work, they’re already really excited about this. But remember that Supreme Court rulings (Obergeell v. Hodges, same-sex marriage) cannot be overturned by the president.

(update: He’s already stepped back on a lot of his extreme policies. google it)

And our government runs on a checks and balances system, and lots of incredible and cool reps were elected last night: eg., the first Latina Senator (NV).


Republicans are literally a dying breed. A lot of them are older and a lot of them are also from rural areas. And the polls really underestimated their votes and that led us to do the same and be complacent and over-confident on Election Day. And Trump appeals to these people who (incorrectly) remember America as this great country that has gone to shit and would like to go back. He does this by promising jobs that aren’t coming back and by offering simple answers to the really complex questions we’re dealing with today. President Obama warned us about this!!!!!!! He campaigned really hard, especially in important swing states like Florida, telling young/metropolitan voters to NOT get complacent on Election Day and to NOT assume we had won this thing.

Let’s remember how SHITTY THIS FEELS RN. After four years, we will vote again. And we can make that election our election. By showing up to vote, not underestimating the votes of rural America, and not writing in Harambe (apparently over 11,000 ballots did). Our votes do matter, and next time we can ensure that they are heard!!!!!!!!!!!

I do understand that I come from a place of privilege. There are definitely other marginalized groups that are far more at risk of being heavily affected by the changes that our country will go through in the next four years.

Love will always trump hate, and this doesn’t change that.

The next election can be ours!!!!!!!!!!!!! Together we can live through this and thrive. 🌷

Ps. Next election, let’s not worry too much about aligning perfectly with the candidates we vote for! No candidate is ever perfect and voting isn’t about that. By voting your making a clear decision about in which direction our next step should be, and usually this decision is obvious.


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