I love new year resolutions. I can’t believe there are anti-resolution people out there.

Most of the time, I need an extra push to make changes in my life that are overdue and I think a new year is one that holds a lot of weight for me.

I’ve been feeling like I am becoming someone that gives out more negative energy than positive, someone that finds too much comfort in their phone, someone who feels uncomfortable doing things alone, someone who doesn’t feel comfortable without makeup on, someone who doesn’t practice making things even though they (I) consider themselves (myself) a maker/creator… I mean it just goes on and on.

So I’ve created a list. And I don’t think its that daunting or high-commitment because (1) if you skip a day who cares and (2) if something isn’t working for you, you only have to commit for a day. Also, in my head, these are more of potentially beneficial lifestyle adjustments rather than dramatic changes. So, no big deal.

We start off by re-centering and de-cluttering  our minds and spaces and then move on to challenges that might make you consider making a more permanent adjustment. They don’t really have any sort of theme or organization or anything… These are just things that I wanted to challenge myself to do. Maybe some of these will resonate with you and you can make your own customized 31 day challenge.


see ya in 2017, ily


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