A+ vintage Depop shops

Depop is amazing because it’s cheaper than going to your local curated vintage shop and more convenient than digging through a million things at Goodwill to find a few good pieces. It’s the perfect solutions if you are lazy like me and are willing to pay a little more for not having to do the work. The layout of the app is set up like Instagram so it’s pretty easy to get the hang of and you can find some really precious gems.

Here are my favorite shops!!!

@jadadanae: Amazing vintage denim and vintage athleisure

@catskully:  Finder of great jeans.

@yungdevotion: Lots of old overalls, denim jackets, fur lined jackets….. u get it.

@hichristian: Fun vintage pieces that are still everyday wearable

@awesomecameras : Tested & working film cameras.

You pay a little more, but every camera is tested working! Amazing!!!!!! Better than finding one at a thrift shop and then having to shoot a test roll, and then sending in that test roll to get it developed and printed, only to find out it’s broken!

Am I missing any amazing shops from this list?

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Love ya


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