Jojo on the go: Ep 5. 2017/18

Finishing the semester and spending some time in Korea. End of 2017 and beginning of 2018.

I finished my second to last semester before graduating and flew to Korea on Christmas Eve with my family. Spent the beginning of 2018 so far road tripping around Korea and in Seoul.

I need to sit down and think about what changes and resolutions and reflections I want to make for this year.




Jojo on the go: Ep 3. “Getting older, cooler, and more honest”

I spent my 22nd birthday in New York City, stayed a few blocks lower than where I used to live a few summers back as an intern, and bummed around with a friend who I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with.

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Boston Diary

I’ve been planning this trip to Boston since 2013 when we first started college. I’ve wasted a decent chunk of money on non-refundable tickets Four years later it finally happened. I realized when editing this that I only like to record certain things, usually food or like pretty stuff. Which is dumb because when I think about what I’ll remember from this trip, it’ll be different moments 😦

Honestly, you should be following Willow’s channel bc there’s songs there that I have trouble finding in other places. She’s such a gem I love her.

Korea, pt 1

I’m in Korea right now! Here’s a lil video of my first few days. On the airport bus on the way to my grandparents I saw a magical sunrise that seriously changed me. Then, as usual, the rest of it is mostly food.

My dad and I flew in for just a week and a half, to spend time with my grandparents. Since I see them so infrequently, I feel like our connection is just strange. Mostly because I don’t know what it means and looks like to be good to them, other than gladly eating the food they feed me and spending time in the same space as them. I’m sure if you live far enough from your extended family, you understand this feeling.

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Amalfi Coast

This is old (ish). I posted it on youtube a few weeks back and forgot to also post it here. Another great reason 2 subscribe to me on youtube.

In August, I went to Barcelona and Rome with my family, where I had the traumatic experience of loosing all of my footage in a mysterious macbook black hole. It was sad and I cried. So I only have footage from the tail end of the trip which includes our visit to the Amalfi Coast, which was one the most beautiful and breathtaking things I have ever experienced.

You know how when people come back from trips and show you pictures they talk about how the images don’t do the sights justice. Well it’s true, and editing this video actually sorta bummed me out. Anyway, this video has no color edits or anything.

Enjoy and see ya soon 🌸


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