Jojo on the go: Ep 5. 2017/18

Finishing the semester and spending some time in Korea. End of 2017 and beginning of 2018.

I finished my second to last semester before graduating and flew to Korea on Christmas Eve with my family. Spent the beginning of 2018 so far road tripping around Korea and in Seoul.

I need to sit down and think about what changes and resolutions and reflections I want to make for this year.




Do you want a sketchbook? (giveaway)


Long time no see ❤️

I’m in a bookbinding class and we’ve been making and binding sketch books! Do you want one?

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Make your own notched loom

Don’t worry! This project is real easy (there are only 4 steps lol). It’s basically a frame loom with little notches to keep you better organized.


Here’s what you’ll need:

The length of the pieces of the wood are up to you! But it’ll dictate the size and ratio of the weavings you’re able to make.

  • 2 rectangular dowel rods (mine were 3/4in)
  • 2 1in x 2 in pieces
  • Ruler
  • Jab saw
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil


1. Take your two dowel rods and mark off every centimeter. I would leave some room on both ends of rod (I didn’t and it made it hard to drill in the nails towards the end).

Also! Make sure to line your two dowel rods up as you measure and mark so that the increments are exactly the same.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


2. Then, take your jab saw and create little slits. Make these about half the depth of the dowel rod. You could use another type of saw, but I think a jab saw creates the ideal thickness for your notches. Remember to sand down the notches.

This is the most time consuming part! It’s annoying but you can do it!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


3. Next, place your dowel rods on top and perpendicular to the 1in x 2 in pieces. Hold it down to keep both pieces in place, and drill through both pieces about the length of your nail.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


4. Do this on all four corners. Then, take a screwdriver and secure your loom.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

What’s the point of reporting work place racism?

Recently, I reported an incident of work place racism. My manager then proceeded to tell me all the wrong things. Literally all the things that you should not say!!!!!

As expected, nothing really changed, and I started to think about why I even felt the need to report it. After all, it was pretty mild racism. Probably a 3/10 on the racist comment scale. And I don’t think that I’m naive to the circumstances. I know that in any situation I face in life I am prone to hearing racist comments, I know that these instances of workplace racism are extremely ordinary, I know that reporting this to my supervisor is not going to create any sort of change within the system. But I still did it.

When you, as an employee, reach out to a supervisor because you’ve experienced some sort of office racism its pretty much just because you need a little validation that you are valued and respected. Most places in the world, I classify in my head as not-safe and I just wanted to mark where I worked as a safe space. The incident threw me off balance and I really just wanted somebody to say “That sucks and I’m sorry that this happened to you. I want you to know that you feeling safe and not being hassled by racist comments from other employees is important to me. And while I can’t promise you that this won’t happen again, I will do everything within my power to make sure that this workplace is an inclusive and safe space.”

Honestly this just made me realize that people on the management level need some general training on the right and wrong things to say when employees come to them with incidents of racism/sexism/other forms of bigotry because I really think that all we really need is a little reassurance.

If you’ve reported workplace racism to your supervisor and they told you all the wrong things than I will just tell you now. That sucks and I’m sorry that it happened to you! Feeling safe and not being hassled at work is really important and I hope that you find a workplace that is inclusive, welcoming, and safe. Love ya.

What Yellow Peril means to me, right now.

This is a repost from Yellow Peril, an ongoing project/ blog about Asian American narratives that I run with my friend Sue.

If you want to submit stories, writing, music, pictures, thoughts to Yellow Peril, email us!


This project has been in the works in my head since about 2014. And now it’s finally real!!!

I’m very thankful for a tarot card I drew at work, and to Sue for giving me the final push that I needed (and for also agreeing to be my partner is this very vague and fuzzy project).

Yellow peril is a funny phrase to me, but that’s because I view and understand it from a place of privilege and from a context completely separate from its origin. For so long and for so many, yellow peril has been something that is very literal and threatening. Just a lil context, yellow peril was a phrase coined by sociologist Jacques Novikow in the 1890’s. It was rooted in the idea that East Asians, or Orientals as they used to call us, where an inherent threat to western culture, since we were primitive, greedy, children, but also had special powers (yes, very contradictory. I’m not sure how people made sense of this). Especially in the American context, the term has been the focus of so much propaganda that makes me feel some kind of way. It’s also very interesting to think about how we’re transformed from the fear of Yellow Peril to the model minority (an article topic that I’ve called dibs on).

Right now, I’m hoping we can use Yellow Peril for our own mobility. Lots of you, the future Yellow Peril family, have been asking me about what exactly the project entails and how to contribute.

Yellow Peril will be a chance for us to collect and catalog our stories and narratives: the things that we’re doing, feeling, or angry about. We want to collect the things that few seem interested in collecting because they are important, ever-changing, and right now. I come across little pockets of Asian American-ness in my life, and I want to create an anthology of those experiences. My hope is that we can document at least some of these moments and feelings, and meet some cool/empowered/loud Asian friends along the way. Right now, this project exists in the form of this blog where Sue and I will post stories, music, art, and rants that you send us. However, we have dreams of Yellow Peril taking different forms in the future.

A+ vintage Depop shops

Depop is amazing because it’s cheaper than going to your local curated vintage shop and more convenient than digging through a million things at Goodwill to find a few good pieces. It’s the perfect solutions if you are lazy like me and are willing to pay a little more for not having to do the work. The layout of the app is set up like Instagram so it’s pretty easy to get the hang of and you can find some really precious gems.

Here are my favorite shops!!!

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I love new year resolutions. I can’t believe there are anti-resolution people out there.

Most of the time, I need an extra push to make changes in my life that are overdue and I think a new year is one that holds a lot of weight for me.

I’ve been feeling like I am becoming someone that gives out more negative energy than positive, someone that finds too much comfort in their phone, someone who feels uncomfortable doing things alone, someone who doesn’t feel comfortable without makeup on, someone who doesn’t practice making things even though they (I) consider themselves (myself) a maker/creator… I mean it just goes on and on.

So I’ve created a list. And I don’t think its that daunting or high-commitment because (1) if you skip a day who cares and (2) if something isn’t working for you, you only have to commit for a day. Also, in my head, these are more of potentially beneficial lifestyle adjustments rather than dramatic changes. So, no big deal.

We start off by re-centering and de-cluttering  our minds and spaces and then move on to challenges that might make you consider making a more permanent adjustment. They don’t really have any sort of theme or organization or anything… These are just things that I wanted to challenge myself to do. Maybe some of these will resonate with you and you can make your own customized 31 day challenge.


see ya in 2017, ily

THRIVE is the word of the Trump presidency 🌷

This sucks and is so scary and I’ve cried multiple times today. Last night was terrifying, and a huge wake-up call to say the least.

Now is not the time to move to Canada. Now is the time to get more involved and more invested in the politics of this country. Now is the time to stand together and hold each other up.

Yesterday was proof that white Americans, and especially white men, will do anything and overlook almost everything to stay in power. And I think a lot of Americans (esp. young Americans like me) are really really scared today, as we should be because like, a Republican House and Senate, Trump appointing at least 1 Supreme Court judge, prison stocks jumping after the election, potential deportations… etc. etc. There’s a lot to be scared about. I know it feels like the end of the world, but I am faithful that we will still thrive.

Today I was talking to a friend who told me that yesterday was especially hard because many of us who are younger only really remember 2 Obama elections and presidencies. But many of our parents and older Americans remember many, many bad presidents and they have all lived and thrived through them. And my parents lived and thrived through the last Korean dictator who literally changed the laws so that he could stay in office for longer. But other than that, there’s still some stuff to remember.

Let’s not forget that Donald Trump is a celebrity. Celebrities really only care about being on top. There was speculation even before Election Day that Trump didn’t want to be president, but that he only wants to boost his name and brand. The guy is a celebrity and a billionaire who wants more money and more fame. The man can’t even run his own Twitter account, and he therefore cannot run this country. I am pretty confident that he will sit around the Oval Office and not get anything done. Of course this doesn’t mean that the Republicans in the Senate and House won’t get to work, they’re already really excited about this. But remember that Supreme Court rulings (Obergeell v. Hodges, same-sex marriage) cannot be overturned by the president.

(update: He’s already stepped back on a lot of his extreme policies. google it)

And our government runs on a checks and balances system, and lots of incredible and cool reps were elected last night: eg., the first Latina Senator (NV).


Republicans are literally a dying breed. A lot of them are older and a lot of them are also from rural areas. And the polls really underestimated their votes and that led us to do the same and be complacent and over-confident on Election Day. And Trump appeals to these people who (incorrectly) remember America as this great country that has gone to shit and would like to go back. He does this by promising jobs that aren’t coming back and by offering simple answers to the really complex questions we’re dealing with today. President Obama warned us about this!!!!!!! He campaigned really hard, especially in important swing states like Florida, telling young/metropolitan voters to NOT get complacent on Election Day and to NOT assume we had won this thing.

Let’s remember how SHITTY THIS FEELS RN. After four years, we will vote again. And we can make that election our election. By showing up to vote, not underestimating the votes of rural America, and not writing in Harambe (apparently over 11,000 ballots did). Our votes do matter, and next time we can ensure that they are heard!!!!!!!!!!!

I do understand that I come from a place of privilege. There are definitely other marginalized groups that are far more at risk of being heavily affected by the changes that our country will go through in the next four years.

Love will always trump hate, and this doesn’t change that.

The next election can be ours!!!!!!!!!!!!! Together we can live through this and thrive. 🌷

Ps. Next election, let’s not worry too much about aligning perfectly with the candidates we vote for! No candidate is ever perfect and voting isn’t about that. By voting your making a clear decision about in which direction our next step should be, and usually this decision is obvious.

Summer Update

I’ve found myself stuck in a little bit of a rut recently, feeling very stagnant and not myself. I thought I had a method/techniques get over my lil dead end, but nothing seemed to be working. So instead I made this video of me in a parking lot eating a cheeseburger. I think I’m always putting pressure on myself to be moving forward to be getting better on whatever I’m working on at that time. And while I think thats a nice trait to have I think more than anything it scares me from really getting anything done. And I think thats why I appreciate school and work because those things provide me with realistic projects, goals, and deadlines.

I’m working on a project for my internship where I sit down with my friends in their spaces and we talk about gender based issues and violence. It’s not as scary or serious as it sounds, the conversations come pretty easily. I’m not sure what I’m going to call it, but that will be up soon probably in a week or so.