Jojo on the go: Ep 4. All caught up




Amalfi Coast

This is old (ish). I posted it on youtube a few weeks back and forgot to also post it here. Another great reason 2 subscribe to me on youtube.

In August, I went to Barcelona and Rome with my family, where I had the traumatic experience of loosing all of my footage in a mysterious macbook black hole. It was sad and I cried. So I only have footage from the tail end of the trip which includes our visit to the Amalfi Coast, which was one the most beautiful and breathtaking things I have ever experienced.

You know how when people come back from trips and show you pictures they talk about how the images don’t do the sights justice. Well it’s true, and editing this video actually sorta bummed me out. Anyway, this video has no color edits or anything.

Enjoy and see ya soon 🌸


☞ Music :

Miami Trailer & Hello Again

Hello to the very few people who read and/or follow this blog,

I am alive and I am here.

I’ve reintroduced myself a few times because this blog, like my life, has little consistency or like a schedule of any form.

Here is a trailer to a full video that you will never see.

In February, I went on a weekend trip to Miami because at the time I could somehow kind of afford it. You will never see the full version, because there is no full version, because I always get tired of recording everything after the first day.

I am working on new things as you’re reading this so stay tuned!

Korea Vlog!!!

I finished my last final on Monday, December 21st and that same day I flew 14 hours to meet my family in Korea!

This time I was super excited to re-experience important pieces of my culture that I had previously passed off as weird, foreign, or boring (eg. visiting temples and going to fish markets).

Plus, I’d only ever been in the hot/humid/rainy/crowded summer months, so I was excited to be going in the winter!

Look at some of the things I did!!!!!!

Diary// Urban Outfitters Outlet & Pie

Earlier this week, I went with my friend Eva and her friend from college, Lauren, to the Surplus Urban Outfitters on N. Clark. It’s a surplus store so it’s pretty hit or miss but the prices are so good (cheap) that we decided to make the trip. I found some sweet Cheap Monday jeans for $20 and a pair of Silence & Noise flats for just $10.

Afterward, we went to Hoosier Mama in Evanston for some pie. 🍌 🍍 🍎 🍏 🍐 🍑


Diary//Pilsen Fest

On Saturday, my friend Ana and I went to Pilson Fest. We spent more time trying to get there than we actually spent there. There was lots of local art, food, and music. Pilsen is a predominantly Hispanic part of Chicago that I haven’t ever explored before!

I realized that day how camera shy I am and how uncomfortable it makes me to whip out my camera in public places. I’m not sure why, but it’s definitely something I want to work on, since I don’t think my documentation of Pilson Fest really did the event justice.


IMG_1549 IMG_1580IMG_1568 IMG_1562 copy


Let ‘Em Know- Bryson Tiller

Jungle (Drake Cover)- Unknown*

Unfold- Alina Baraz & Galimatias

Wanderlust (Snakehips Remix)- The Weeknd

Til The Morning (Snakehips Remix)- Kehlani

2 On (Tinashe Remix)- Jeni Suk

Make You Feel That (Drake x Jhene Aiko Remix)- VXNYL

Kehlani’s Freestyle- Partynextdoor

Weight in Gold (Louis Futon Remix)- Gallant

Waited 4 U (Odesza Remix)- Slow Magic

This is what I’ve been listening to pretty much non-stop all of August.
I just realized that this month’s mixtape is mostly remixes and covers.
* I randomly came across this cover on tumblr & it’s amazing but I have no idea who the artist is! If you know please contact me so I can properly credit them here as well as on the original tumblr post I found it on.